Allison Gaddy

Allison is truly the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. Her background created the perfect DNA to become a nationally known real estate influencer.

After graduating from DePaul University in finance and earning a Master’s from USC, her ambition took her on a well-diversified path – options trader, mortgage banker, real estate investor, and small business owner. 

Today, in addition to co-founding Moxie Real Estate Group, she is a co-founder of Expert Partners, mentoring thousands of real estate agents throughout the US and four countries. She is highly organized and an amazing communicator. Her expertise in marketing, sales and negotiating have all contributed to her status as top performer in real estate with 20 years experience. Her passion is philanthropy, giving back to causes that fill her heart. True to form, she’s always up for an adventure. Allison loves to travel, and golf is a get-a-way hobby. “I might be a little competitive!” she admits with a smile.

Nicole Rouseau

Nicole was literally born to be in real estate. Her mother and step father are both internationally known real estate entrepreneurs based in Texas, and Nicole studied under their tutelage, learning from the best while managing the operations of their Gene Frederick Organization.

Early in her career she was a retail sales superstar and regional manager, turning underperforming locations into winners. This experience paved her way to becoming a top performer in real estate. The secret to her success, she says, is an ultimate focus on the client. 

She’s known as a trusted advisor and an empathetic and active listener who protects the best interests of her clients above everything else. She’s a true Texas gal, living most of her life in Plano and Dallas. Not surprisingly, she loves to be active, working out and enjoying the outdoors. Her biggest inspiration, however, comes from being a mom to her three children. “My kids are the absolute joy in my life,” she says

How Moxie Makes a Positive Difference?

Serendipity. It’s the only way to describe it.

Get to know Allison Gaddy and Nicole Rouseau and you’ll absolutely agree.

They didn’t meet until they were in their 30s in Austin but well before that they were destined to be the best of friends and business partners.

The serendipitous facts:

  • Both went to the same high school in Dallas
  • Both have the same middle name! Rae
  • Both of their fathers are named Michael
  • Both played soccer in school
  • Both were Brownies

And the kicker if you follow closely: Allison had a high school boyfriend who was the brother of Nicole’s best girlfriend. And yet the two never met as teens. What else do they have in common?

They are voracious learners. Born leaders. And both are dynamic business women who merged their talents to create the aptly named Moxie Realty Group.

The Perfect Name

Why Moxie? Well, these two are propelled by grit and know-how.
Especially when it comes to pursuing the best interests of their clients.
To them, Moxie means being proactive, creative, and never
content with the status-quo. These are two “Moxie” ladies you
want in your corner when buying or selling real estate.

Hard Work Plus Knowledge = Unstoppable

Individually, they both have outstanding track records in business
and real estate. Allison has a diverse background that includes
options trading, business ownership, mortgage lending and real
estate investing. Nicole was a retail sales super star and manager
before taking the lead from her mom and stepdad by joining the
celebrated family real estate operations. They share a formula for
success by combining hard work with a thirst for knowledge.

What Moxie Means to You

When Allison and Nicole brainstormed the formation of Moxie, the
idea was to distill all they saw that was good in their profession
and create an eXp Realty team based on these absolutes: Absolute
professionalism. Absolute accountability. Absolute responsiveness.
And, above all else, an Absolute commitment to their clients.

The Moxie Edge

When you align with Moxie Realty Group, you get a certain edge.
It starts with a real data-driven focus and a complete understanding
of the market. When selling your home, their marketing is
unparalleled – experts in prepping your property for optimal sale
and best-in-class marketing materials, including professional
virtual tours, photography and maximum Internet exposure. When
buying a home, you will appreciate their passion to understand
your wants and needs and find you that “one” that checks all the

It’s a Spirit - You’ll Feel It

Once you talk with these ladies, you’ll feel it. More than anything
it’s a spirit. It’s the power of “moxie.” Their motto is Absolutely.
Positively. It’s a mission that means you can count on them with
conviction as your trusted advisors in real estate. And they’ll serve
you with a certain flair and enthusiasm. When it’s time to buy or sell
real estate, put Moxie on your side. It will be a great move!

Serving Luxury Neighborhoods in Dallas and Austin

Do You Have Moxie?

Join the Real Estate Group

If you have the moxie to be the best of the best as a real estate agent, Allison & Nicole invite you to join them. This powerful duo offer their experience and mentorship to professionals who are part of Moxie Real Estate Group of eXp Realty.

Allison is a proven leader, a savvy social media marketer, a keynote
speaker and an in-demand performance coach with a passion for
people, purpose and philanthropy. 

Nicole is a sales superstar with experience managing a top performing international real estate operation and helping agents build wealth and multiple streams of income. 

Together, they are dynamic coaches helping real estate professionals best serve their clients while building rewarding careers.

If you have moxie, these “Moxie” ladies want to talk to you.